Monday, November 12, 2007

Australian NFS Reports Make 20

New FamilySearch U.S. Rollout as of November 2007

Since yesterday, I've received confirmation for Las Vegas and Bismarck. I've also learned of Boston, the 2 Hawaii temples and 2 Australian temples, Melbourne and Sydney. See the latest list at Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch. Others have also produced maps and lists that you might enjoy. See the table at Renee's Genealogy Blog and Miles Meyer's Google Map.


  1. I have a question perhaps you can answer and I apologize if you have already given the answer in a previous post and I missed it. The question is whether it is true, as reported in early reviews of NFS, that one will no longer be able to search by batch numbers. I hope this isn't the case as it is occasionally very useful.


  2. Mike,

    I can't find my notes to confirm this, but my recollection is that a spokesperson for FamilySearch has responded to this question saying the following. "We are aware of the need. While New FamilySearch may not have this capability at first, we are looking into how to best fill this need. And be aware that old FamilySearch will not immediately go away."

    Hopefully my faulty memory isn't leading you astray.

    -- The Insider


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