Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Nervous Green Duck, Chapter 1

No. This isn't it.In a previous post I promised more secrets about "the Nervous Green Duck." The duck's seemingly innocuous website,, seems to contain only the terse message, "Home of the Nervous Green Duck / Quack!! Quack!!"

That is the case until you view the website from inside The Generations Network's firewall. Once inside, a small animated GIF image appears above the text, with an irreverent duck that struts a bit, fertilizes a bit, and then becomes the G of the company logo.

There is another way to see the duck...

Right here on the Insider...You found it!

But you'll have to search for it!


Home of the Nervous Green Duck
Quack!! Quack!!


  1. I found it, but I'm still not sure what the point is...?

  2. (Laughing...) Don't worry, Trish. You're not missing anything. There was almost no point here.

    The point in making you search for the graphic was partly in fun and partly to prevent casual corporate cops from seeing, suing, or seeking retraction.

    The point of the website author, we understand, was partly in fun and partly because the new logo looked to him/her like a duck!

    The point in having fun is... well... it's fun!!


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