Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New FamilySearch Update for 25-Dec-2007

I've updated the map and list in Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch.

Newport Beach has been announced, completing announcements for California. Manhattan and Johannesburg have been announced. All have been given the new preparation length: 4 months. We're on a Lubbock watch. Rumor has it that they may be announced by the end of the year. Let me know if you hear anything. (AncestryInsider@gmail.com)

FamilySearch support personnel can share:

  • What new FamilySearch is
  • New FamilySearch is coming
  • Names and dates for temple districts that have gone live

Support can not divulge:

  • Names and dates for temple districts that have not gone live
  • Packet information
  • New FamilySearch Rollout DVD


  1. My parents are on a mission at the Costa Rica Temple. They emailed that they just received a fax that they will start New Family Search on March 1

  2. I see my temple district!!! :)



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