Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clip Feature of Google Books

Did you know that you can “clip” portions of public domain Google Books to share in your genealogy on the Internet? The portrait to the right is an example.

Click the Clip icon ( ) above the book page. Select the desired text or image. Then copy one of the URLs from the popup. Paste the URL into your blog, Facebook page, or anywhere else on the web that supports links to images.

I’ve not seen it documented anyway, but you can also change the border. Change the “edge=0” at the end of the URL to “edge=1”.



A far less useful option is “edge=3d”, shown to the right. But it sounds cool. You’ll need red and blue 3D glasses. I tried it and the image barely seemed to bulge ever-so-slightly towards me (with red over the left eye). I had to compare the upper and lower images to notice any difference.

For less information about the Clip feature, see

  • Manas Tungare, “Share and Enjoy,” Inside Google Books, Google Inc. ( : dated 6 September 2007).


  1. One can also use's "plain text" feature to copy and paste text and images (at least this works with FTM 2011)

  2. No, I did not know that!! I'm loving Google books right now, so I will have to try it out on my blog real soon. Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Let's not forget that for most public domain books, you can download the full text. Google Books is wonderful!

  4. Far more flexible and useful is the inexpensive program SNAGIT - see:


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