Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Six Month Motor Home Genealogy Road Trip

The Brown's moto home sits in from of Ancestry.com 
The Brown’s motor home sits in front of Ancestry.com’s Provo headquarters.
Image copyright Ancestry.com

“Most people who know Rob and Kathy Brown are either jealous or think the Browns have totally lost it,” wrote Genelle Pugmire in an article Saturday in a Salt Lake City newspaper.

The family sold their home and talked Ancestry.com into sponsoring a six to nine month drive around the country in a motor home packed with five children. “The Great-Great-Great-Grand Adventure: A Family History Journey” will take the Browns “a distance of more than 10,000 miles, visiting 40 states and more than 40 major cities,” according to Rob Brown.

According to Pugmire, Rob’s mother told him, “You're a little too young for a mid-life crisis.”

For more information, read the entire Deseret News article. Visit http://ancestry.com/adventure to track the Brown’s journey.

I just hope someone warned them what it is like doing genealogy with a name like Brown.

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