Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Can You Spare a Dime...

Dear Ancestry Insider,

Is there any way to work in this request for genealogy materials into your daily emails?

— L.A.

Dear FHC directors,

We are helping prisoners at the Utah State Prison and have established several family history centers here.

We now have three professional genealogists donating their time and energy. The prisoners really enjoy the classes on how to do original research and the individual help with their research.

We have noticed a great deal of hope and diligent researching shown on behalf of the men. New avenues have certainly opened to them and we see a greater desire on their part to become more professional in their behavior and outlook toward the future.

If you have duplicates in the way of books or genealogy magazines you would be willing to share, we invite you to share them with us. If you are in the Salt Lake area, contact us and we will come and pick them up.

We are doing extraction in several languages, repaging and original research. We have four centers and all are so busy that we often have to turn away patrons because we are too full and have no more computers left.

If anyone would like to join our ranks in helping these patrons learn how to do original research we would be happy to talk to you. Currently we have thirty-two couples and five singles working in the South Point Family History Center with many others serving in the other three centers. Many volunteers who volunteered for eighteen or twenty-four months have continued serving as many as ten years past their original term because of the feeling that accompanies this meaningful service.

It is interesting to see all the work being done and feel others working just as diligently on "the other side" to help us find them.

Thank you again,
Elder and Sister Arnold
Directors, South Point Family History Center

LaMar and Margie Westra, Salt Lake Area Family History Advisors
Contact LaMar and Margie Westra,
Utah Salt Lake City Area
Family History Advisors

If you, your family history center or your genealogical organization has extra materials that you'd like to donate to this worthy cause, contact LaMar and Margie Westra, Utah Salt Lake City Area Family History Advisors, at They can put you in touch with the Arnolds.

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