Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NFS Rollout News for Presidents' Day

I wish I had some cute tie-in between the New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout news and Presidents' Day, but I don't. In fact, it isn't even Presidents' Day. Not even Presidents' Day weekend. So if my headline built you up too much, my apologies. On with the news...

I've been keeping the tables in my article, Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch updated. You can usually check there anytime for what is currently known about the release schedule. But after 2 weeks, as you can see I've finally updated my rollout map.

  • Since my last map update NFS has been deployed in 8 temple districts! Both Arizona temples, the Oakland temple (which leaves just 2 California temples), Boston and Detroit temples, the 2 Hawaii temples and AsunciĆ³n Paraguay.
  • I've added lots of European temples to the table of districts in transition: Frankfurt, Freiberg, Helsinki, London, Stockholm and Swiss. Stateside I've added Chicago. I don't know the official announcement dates for most of these. Do you? How long were they told the transition would take? Are they still being told 4 months?
  • I've added a release date for Dallas, and approximate dates for the Australia temples.

I've not heard any more about Washington, D.C. and Denver. Has anyone in those districts been informed that they are being transitioned?

The Great November Announcement

Do you remember the Great Announcement of 8-November-2007? Nearly 2 dozen temple districts were announced nearly simultaneously. (See this post followed by this one.) Since that time, FamilySearch has been working their way through these districts.

At this point, only a few remain. Las Vegas and Redlands California are scheduled for next Tuesday, the Australian temples for March and Dallas for 11-March-2008.

That leaves Bismarck. Has anyone heard when Bismarck will be going live?

Other districts I think will be going live soon are Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, Houston and maybe Newport Beach.

Other FamilySearch News

  • NFS 0.92 is scheduled to go live this month. The beta was released 25-January and has already ended. This is a regularly scheduled quarterly update. These will continue until, well, until the work is declared finished. The head engineer over NFS has said that by two years from now the program will have a completely different look than it has today.  (Source)
  • Rollout to all temple districts is expected by the end of 2008. The Wasatch Front will be last.
  • Someone has said that an issue has arisen that will delay the stated rollout. If the rumor is true, poor Las Vegas won't get New FamilySearch next week as planned. (Source)
  • One of the most looked for features in NFS 0.92 is on the Summary view. When a data field has a drop-down menu arrow you can select the data that you believe is most correct without adding a redundant opinion.
  • Other improvements in NFS 0.92 clearly separate deleting and disputing information, easily allow navigation through more than 10 combined records, indication of disputed data on the Combined Records view, clarified format display of possible duplicates, a warning on the Contribute GEDCOM page about duplication of data and improved name part identification when adding or editing names. (See beta notes.)
  • FamilySearch Labs would like to get feedback from the general public on their new Family Tree design. Previously, only those with New FamilySearch accounts could use and provide feedback on Family Tree. See Dan Lawyer's post for more information.
  • The latest test of the FamilySearch Wiki is up. It can be accessed at https://wiki.familysearch.org. This version uses MediaWiki which was developed for Wikipedia.
  • As more and more Family History Consultants along the Wasatch Front are able to get New FamilySearch accounts, FamilySearch has provided the ability to print ordinance cards. Take your FOR to the Salt Lake Family History Library.


  1. Insider,

    I have a question that perhaps you can answer, and forgive me if you already have somewhere, or if the information is on the FS website and I have missed it.

    My question is whether the results of already completed indexing projects are now in some way accessible through the IGI or the general FS search form. They do not seem to be. As this is a database question, and not one relating to software, it would not seem to be a feature of NFS, unless part of that is access to an expanded database(s).




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