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FamilySearch Indexing Update

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FamilySearch Indexing Update

3 October 2008

Over 29 million new names were posted this past week on the FamilySearch Record Search pilot. Kudos to the FamilySearch volunteer indexers for their monumental contributions! The chart below lists the current indexing projects and their completion status. Volunteers can help any time by registering or downloading a current project at (click on Index Records>Volunteer or Start Indexing) or

Project Spotlight: United Kingdom, Cheshire Poor Law

The United Kingdom, Cheshire Poor Law indexing project is currently 82% complete. We would like to finish this project by the end of next week, 10 October 2008. If volunteers have time to donate before October 10th, try doing at least a batch or two (or more) from this project. (To download a batch from a specific project, click the Download From… button in the My Work section of the indexing application’s start page, select the project from the list, and click Download.)

The Cheshire project includes several types of records kept by the workhouses in Cheshire County, including the Chester Union Workhouse at Hoole, from 1848-1967. Some of the poor in the community would go to the workhouses for only a short time. Some ended up spending the rest of their lives there.

We are indexing birth and baptism records, death and burial records, admission registers, and creed registers. The information gathered depends upon the record type and includes the names of those admitted, admission dates, religion, names of children, names of parents, birth dates, baptism dates, names of the deceased, death and burial dates.

These are not all of the Poor Law records but a significant portion of them. It is estimated that these records include 500,000 names. [The population of Cheshire County during the time period of these records is uncertain, but the population in 2001 was 673,781—so a significant portion of the community is represented in these records.]

Current Projects, Record Language, and Percent Completion Status

Alabama - 1920 US Federal Census

English - 1920


Argentina Censo 1869 - Buenos Aires

Spanish - 1869


Brandenburg Kirchenbücher

German - 1789-1875


California - 1920 US Federal Census

English - 1920


España Lugo Registros Parroquiales

Spanish - 1530-1930


Florida 1945 Census

English - 1945


France, Coutances, Paroisses de la Manche

French - 1792-1906


Guanajuato Censo de Mexico de 1930

Spanish - 1930


Guerrero - Censo de Mexico de 1930

Spanish - 1930


Illinois - 1920 US Federal Census

English - 1920


Massachusetts - 1920 US Federal Census

English - 1920


Morelos - Censo de Mexico de 1930

Spanish - 1930


New York - 1870 US Federal Census

English - 1870


Nicaragua, Managua Civil Records

Spanish - 1879 - present


Quintana Roo - Censo de Mexico de 1930

Spanish - 1930


Trento, Italy Baptism Records

Italian - 1784-1924


UK - Cheshire - Poor Law

English - 1848 -1967


Venezuela Mérida Registros Parroquiales

Spanish - 1654 - 1992


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  1. I like it when they post the percentage completion of a specific project. Is there any way you could suggest to them to continue letting us know the completion status of each project (%). I feel more motivated when I see the percentage completed rather than consistently wondering much more is left.
    The original release of the familysearchindexing had this function that allowed us to see how far from completion a project was. Thanks Kyle


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