Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NFS Rollout News for Motion Picture Day

The 6th of October plays an important role in the evolution of motion pictures. In 1889 Thomas Edison showed his first motion picture and 38 years later the first big talking movie, The Jazz Singer opened.

Rumors that the New FamilySearch (NFS) will also take 38 years have proven unfounded. Yesterday’s announcement of 46 stakes proves the rollout is in full motion. Yesterday 28 stakes rolled live in Ogden and the remaining 31 stakes will go live next Monday, which will make Ogden the 119th temple on NFS.

And what seems to be a carrot for preparedness, the 15 most prepared stakes in the Mt. Timpanogos district went live yesterday. Another 15 stakes will go live next week. This has produced an interesting horse race of preparedness among the ten communities in the district. I’ve prepared the graph below showing how each community is doing.

Rollout by City

The green bars show the percentage of the stakes in each community that went live yesterday. The purple bars show the additional percentage rolling next Monday. The disparity among the communities is not as great as at first may appear because many communities have just a handful of stakes. For example, each Saratoga Springs stake accounts for 33% of their total, so only one stake would take them from last place to 2nd place.

Outlook for the Future

Will FamilySearch continue to whittle away temple districts alternating between northernmost and southernmost? Will they continue rolling out 25 to 30 stakes per week towards the primary temple district? Will they continue using 15 stakes per week as a preparedness carrot?

If I modify my last predictions with this pattern, it looks like this:

  Mt. Timpanogos ? 19 Oct 2009 (31) ? Finishes same day as previous prediction
  Bountiful ? 19 Oct 2009 (15) ?
26 Oct 2009 (17) ?
Starts earlier than previous prediction
Finishes same day
  Draper ? 26 Oct 2009 (25) ? Starts same, finishes earlier
  Salt Lake ? 2 Nov 2009 (30) ?
9 Nov 2009 (30) ?
16 Nov 2009 (11) ?
Starts same

Finishes same
  Oquirrh ? 2 Nov 2009 (15) ?
9 Nov 2009 (11) ?
Starts earlier
Finishes earlier
  Jordan River ? 16 Nov 2009 (34) ?
23 Nov 2009 (45) ?
30 Nov 2009 (32) ?
Starts same

Ends earlier


I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS CORRECT!!! My guesses for Ogden were pretty close. And my new predictions are pretty close to my old predictions. If I were a stake in Bountiful, I’d get prepared ASAP.

Stay tuned!

When your stake gets a go live date, let me know at AncestryInsider@gmail.com . And stay tuned to “Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch” for the latest news!

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