Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Series: Vault Vednesday

FamilySearch Granite Mountain Record VaultI’ve been trying to wait until 2010 to kick off this new series, but I’m just too excited to vait!

It’s been like vaiting for Christmas, vaiting for 2010 to come. The 2010 National Genealogical Society (NGS) Family History Conference is going to be held in Salt Lake City! This is going to be… well… AWESOME!!! I’m so excited! The nation’s best genealogy lecturers are coming to town! And FamilySearch is planning some cool stuff for conference attendees, which brings us to this new series.

According to the conference vebsite, the conference highlights will include a virtual tour of the Granite Mountain Record Vault! Shock and awe! I’ve always been fascinated by FamilySearch’s Granite Mountain Record Vault (the GMRV as we at FamilySearch like to abbreviate it) in a canyon up above the Salt Lake Valley.

Now, I hate to steal any thunder from the head of FamilySearch (who has the authority to fire me!), but I figure sharing some of my fascination with the Vault (as we at FamilySearch like to call it) can only increase your desire to come to the conference and attend this virtual tour.

Picking the day of the veek to run this series vas a little tricky, as I couldn’t find a day of the veek that begins with “V.” But I think I’ve vorked out a vay to make that vork. Stay tuned for “Vault Vednesday!”

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