Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, and More Thank Yous

Randy Seaver's Santa Photograph Thank you, Randy, for the "Follow Friday" recommendation last month. It is an honor. Figuring the number of blogs you follow into my calculation, if you honor a new blog every Friday, you won't need to repeat any blog until 4 November 2016. That's my new goal in life: I want to be Randy Seaver's Follow Friday recommendation on the 4th of November 2016, making me the first blog he's recommended twice. By then you'll actually look like your Santa photograph.

The Kreative Blogger Award I also received the Kreativ Blogger award from Randy. Thank you very much. The award originated from Hulda's Husfruas Memoarer blog in Norway. I haven't spoken much Norwegian since serving in the underground during the War. Scroll down to the Google Translate widget to translate her post into English. The original award had a fan-out of 4, if I understand correctly. When bestowing the award, one presented suitable praise on the recipient, who was under no obligation to do anything. Thanks to Simon Leong's Food Favourites blog for information about how the award has morphed.

Thank you, Janet and DearMYRTLE, for the Genea-Speak Award. The Genea-Speak Award is the one that started with the contraband graphic. It looks eerily similar to the logo of the National Genealogical Society. MYRT identifies Texicanwife as the originator of the award, bestowed "for excellence in writing, speaking, and the promoting of good genealogical practices." When informed of the mistake, Texicanwife explained she had found the graphic in a 1970’s clipart set. She immediately created a new award with advanced anti-infringement technology built in. Stare at the new graphic for 10 seconds. Concentrate on the white background. Concentrate... Concentrate...  Nothing?

The original Genea-Speak
The original award
The National Genealogical Society Logo
The NGS logo
The New Genea-Speak Award The new award

OK. Maybe it's just me. Maybe wild mushrooms on my salad was not such a good idea.

Blogger of Honor Badge Finally, Holly informs me that Family History Expos has given me a "Blogger of Honor" badge for my reporting at the Salt Lake City Expo. Thanks, Holly!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t followed all the rules for these awards, no offense is intended. Read my last article, “Awards, Awards, and More Awards.”

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