Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Mailbox: Addressing Conflicts of Interest

Dear Readers,

I’d like to think that at least some of you have noticed that I haven’t published much of late. Things have been hectic. Family events. Medication adjustments. Presentations. Work. I apologize for the inconsistency.

Now I have a couple of items of rather boring business to conduct regarding conflicts of interest. Feel free to skip the remainder of this article.

First, I must give notification that I have received an assignment at FamilySearch to spend a few hours a week working for the marketing division. The assignment doesn’t affect this column; it remains my independent voice. Long time readers know that my shift in employment from to FamilySearch has resulted in a shift in column inches from the former to the latter. This is the unfortunate reality of working for only one of the two. My editori\al policy continues to model the old adage: I can call my baby ugly, but will disagree if you do. I fully intend on calling out FamilySearch and’s stupidity while simultaneously offering insight into why some of the things you think are stupid might not be.

Second, I’ve received a task at work regarding citations. I’d planned my newly begun series on citation principles at a time when I had no employment responsibilities regarding citations. Now I had to stop and think through potential conflicts of interest.

I’ve decided the series doesn’t conflict with, but advances, my work assignment. To eliminate any potential conflict regarding intellectual property, should FamilySearch wish to assert ownership of the articles, I will comply.

Stay tuned!

-- The Insider


  1. Dear Insider,

    I have missed your articles but knew you hadn't abandoned us, your faithful readers. Your new challenges will be met with the same quality of work that engages our minds here. Thank you for all you do.

    Faithful reader

  2. Dear Insider,
    As usual I appreciate your plain and straight forward statements which amplify your honesty and your ethics. I have my foot in both doors. These are my primary go-to's but that doesn't mean I always agree or like what the do.
    But then, that's life! I will continue to look forward to the articles that you can share with us. May your wowrk be magnified in this assignment.
    Kate Redford, Salem, Oregon

  3. Dear Insider,
    I appreciate your disclosure of possible conflicts of interest. I wish more blog authors would be so open and honest - and ethical. In our evolution from professional journalism to viral journalism the potential for conflict of interest is becoming (at best) misunderstood or (more likely) ignored.


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