Friday, April 1, 2011 Sullivan and FamilySearch Verkler are Related

Tim Sullivan appears on the Valley Girl Show
Reaction to the news?
Sullivan seen with young
Hollywood starlet (above).
Verkler photographed celebrating
in Las Vegas (below).

Jay Verkler in Aloha Shirt in Las Vegas
Tim Sullivan, CEO, and Jay Verkler, FamilySearch CEO are relatives. So says the research team for “Who Do You Think You Are,” the hit television show.

“We weren't researching either of these men,” said Natalie Cottrill, “when we came across this startling discovery.” Cottrill is Chief Researcher at ProGenealogists, the official research arm of

“We were as surprised as anyone,” said Paul Nauta, FamilySearch spokesperson. Nauta said that FamilySearch had verified the claim and found that, indeed, the two are related. While the news came as somewhat of a shock, Verkler and Sullivan took the news in stride.

“We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that FamilySearch and are not competitors,” said Verkler at a joint press briefing. “Despite the fact that we are both, highly intelligent, well educated, highly driven, successful businessmen, there are no competitive feelings between us.”

“Even though you can't get a job at a real, profit-making, company, I have the utmost respect for you,” Sullivan said to Verkler.

“You’re one to talk, you Mickey Mouse alumni,” retorted Verkler. “I'm sorry my sister ever met your brother!”

“I thought that guy looked familiar,” Sullivan said of seeing Verkler at the wedding last April Fools Day.

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