Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1940 Census Consortium

1940 US Census Community ProjectLast month FamilySearch,, and announced a community project for indexing and publishing the 1940 US Federal Census. The census will be released by the government on 2 April 2012. The three will engage volunteers to index the census, and then it will be published for free on all three websites.

Additionally, and will make “substantial financial contributions to make the 1940 US Census online name index possible and work with nonprofit FamilySearch to bring additional new records collections online.” had previously announced that it will also publish the 1940 census for free, though only through the end of 2013.

This should make for a good horse race… and a good comparison of the quality of FamilySearch indexes and indexes.

The full text of the FamilySearch announcement can be read online.

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  1. I would not expect an equitable comparison as this is a non-profit + Ancestry competitors + community vs. Ancestry (profit). Therefore it may be more like "a good comparison of the quality of FamilySearch [+ several other companies and community] indexes and [by themselves/vendors] indexes" more than pure FS vs ACOM.


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