Monday, January 9, 2012

RootsTech Discount Ends Friday

RootsTech Family History ConferenceIf you haven’t registered for RootsTech yet, now’s the time. The $149 discounted price ends this Friday, the 13th. Then you’re looking at the regular $189.

Speaking of RootsTech, you can find yours truly on the schedule. I present “Genealogy Internet Gems” on Friday, 3 February, at 9:45. On Saturday at 1:45 I’m doing “Lassie! Go for Free Genealogy Help!

I don’t believe it has been announced yet, but I also may be moderating an unconference session. Opposite of a conference session where presenters talk to the audience, an unconference session is one in which the audience does the talking.

The downside of presenting is not being able to attend sessions at the same time. I’ll have to miss sessions by Dan Lynch, Stephen Morse, Josh Taylor, Laura Prescott, Lisa Louise Cooke, and others. Rats!

Remember the discount ends Friday, the 13th. It would be most unlucky for you to miss this deadline.

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