Friday, December 7, 2012

FamilySearch Family Tree is Coming

FamilySearch Family Tree is ComingI found a video on YouTube that demonstrates the basic functionality of FamilySearch Family Tree. It is titled “Family Tree from FamilySearch.” It was not posted by FamilySearch, so it does not give official pronouncements. For example, it states that, “Later in 2012 this massive database of family information will be made available free to everyone” Still, in my opinion it gives excellent information.

After all the rumors about FamilySearch Family Tree’s public availability (or lack thereof), I thought I’d check the FamilySearch blog for the latest news. I searched for [Family Tree Is Coming]. I found an article available to the general public that was posted 19 November 2012 and is titled “Family Tree Service on Coming Soon.” While throughout the year FamilySearch has stated that Family Tree would be available to the public by the end of the year, this article seems to be squirming in that regard. The article starts off by stating that “Within the next few months, FamilySearch will make Family Tree available to everyone on its website.”

Stay tuned…


  1. In the several genealogy interest groups I belong to there is a consensus that we have been burned too many times and we will remain skeptical until we actually get reports that another "new" site from familysearch actually works, will remember our login info, and will provide accurate and sourced information. Meanwhile works.

  2. Strange . . . I have encouraged some friend to obtain a FS account (not an LDS account) and they have started to use Family Tree (minus temple data) - works fine - or as fine as it works for everybody else. Is this a soft release by whispers rather than a brash PR announcement?


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