Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ancestry Insider Named One of Family Tree Magazine’s Top Blogs

The Ancestry Insider is one of Family Tree Magazine's top 5 blogs.I learned last week that Family Tree Magazine has named me one of the top five genealogy blogs. Thank you, Family Tree Magazine. I am grateful to your editorial’s staff’s encouragement that I stick with blogging even though I’m a poor writer. Hopefully, I make up for it by presenting useful content.

Speaking of which, enough about me. Let me give you something actually useful. The other four genealogy blogs are

Family Tree Magazine honored YouTube as a sixth choice. I’ve discovered the same thing of late. Here’s just some of the useful channels I’ve looked at:

Read David A. Fryxell’s take on these blogs at

Read his comments about the other “101 Best Websites,” 2015 at and:



  1. What makes your blog one of the best is that it is easy reading, and as a former English teacher, that is the best kind of writing. So pat yourself on the back, boy!


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