Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Official! Access personal accounts @ Family History Library (FHL)

This morning an spokesperson, Suzanne Russo Adams, posted this message on the APG mailing list:
We are happy to announce that has found a solution to enable patrons at the Family History Library and Family History Centers to login to Ancestry using their personal accounts. We have been coordinating this deployment closely with representatives from the Family and Church History Department, the Family History Library, and administrative representatives of the Family History Centers.

What we have done...

We have created a new domain called for the Family History Library and the Family History Centers to use to get access to the collections available to them by contract.

With this new domain name, patrons at the FHL and local FHCs can login to their own personal accounts using just like they would from home.

This should ease some frustrations experienced by patrons--particularly professions--at the FHL and FHCs. Better yet, it's going to allow patron's to tap into the power of Ancestry's new free tree tools. Did I mention they are free? I'm going to have to show you some time what you can do with their new trees.

Mind you, I still like Ancestry World Tree (there's a subject for another couple of blog entries), but if you haven't tried the new tree stuff, go to Ancestry's home page and start a tree or look at a sample tree.

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