Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Generations Network forces RootDig images offline

From http://www.rootdig.com/famouscensus.html,

Famous Census Pages

ever wonder what the rich and famous said when the censustaker came knocking?

You can no longer find out here!

The new marketing staff at The Generations Network made me remove the images we formerly hosted on this site. The phrases “legal action” and “hear from legal department ”were used. The pages clearly contained links to Ancestry, indicated where the images had been obtained, and indicated the value a subscription had for the average person.

Until I have time to view the NARA film myself and re-obtain the images they will not be posted on this site.

This doesn't make any sense. Is Ancestry.com trying to shoot itself in the foot?! Michael, you may wish to consider creating a free Ancestry Public Family Tree with all your census images. You can link back and forth (although Ancestry doesn't hotlink the links you put in). Sorry, man.

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