Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nitty Gritty of Free Premium Websites at family history centers

Today, FamilySearch informed its family history consultants about the coming of World Vital Records, Godfrey Memorial Library, Footnote.com, HeritageQuest and Kindred Konnections. This just in case any consultants are living in caves and haven't seen any genealogy news during the month. Not all centers will get the premium services. Centers that qualify will be informed during early June. The requirements are
  1. The computers in the FHC must have LANDesk installed. This is software that allows Salt Lake to manage the computers remotely. FamilySearch will use it to place special security certificates on the computers authorized for the free access.
  2. The FHC must have more than 2 computers.
  3. The FHC must be open at least 10 hours per week.
A computer with the "I am a FHC" security certificate will be able to contact special proxy servers set up by FamilySearch. (There's an advanced Internet concept that should be intuitive to Church members.) The proxy servers will, then, on behalf of the FHC computer, login to the premium websites. This means users with personal accounts at any of these premium websites will still be able to access those accounts by going directly to the premium website rather than to the proxy servers.

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