Saturday, August 18, 2007

FGS wrap up: Triplets of different mothers

In one of the most amazing stories to arise out of the FGS Conference, three prominent figures in the genealogy community learned that they are identical triplets. Amazingly, each of the three has separate biological parents and were born at separate locations and on different dates.
Leland Meitzler, Halvor Moorshead and David Liffereth Leland Meitzler, Halvor Moorshead and David Liffereth (Credit: Leland Meitzler)
"Medical mathematicians are at a loss to explain this," says Leland Meitzer, cofounder and writer at Heritage Quest Magazine and the
Fellow triplet, Family Chronicle editor and publisher, Halvor Moorshead, added, "the mathematical probabilities of this happening for twins are astronomic. And for this to happen with triplets. It boggles the mind."
"After the Fogelberg, Weisberg case a number of years ago, I thought I would never see another in my lifetime," commented David Liffereth, president of World Vital Records. "And now to have it happen to me. And with two guys I admire so much. I can't tell you what this means to me."
Genealogy Management software companies are scrambling to patch their programs to handle this unique situation, but spokespersons from several told the Insider that they would have fixes shortly. "Fortunately, Next Bio Gen 2008 already handles this case," said a spokesperson. "The resulting hourglass chart is, quite frankly, a work of art, a thing of incredible beauty."
"Credit goes to the DNA vendors at the conference. This is the discovery of a lifetime. No matter what else happens from this point on, we will always have each other. And we will always have FGS 2007."
[Warning: We're tired of handling all the email from readers when the Ancestry Insider makes an absurdly impossible claim. He thinks he's funny. (See, for example, these comments.) No, identical triplets can not have separate biological mothers. Please don't write us. We think the Insider made up most--no--all of this. The quotes. The product names. The people. The photograph. We're not even sure he boarded his connecting flight from Vegas to Ft. Wayne. If you write the Insider and he makes fun of you, don't say we didn't warn you.
--The Ancestry Insider Staff]

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  1. I think geneticists ought to work on preventing this from happening in future. I was nearly abducted by the mother of my identical twin when I was 14 after we happened to meet by chance while out shopping....



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