Monday, August 27, 2007

Top U.S. Family History Centers

"Here. Publish this Internet report," crowed the Ancestry Insider as he tossed a piece of paper on a staff member's desk.

"Where did you get this," asked the staff member. "From the FamilySearch Department?"

The Insider laughed under his breath as he shut his office door.

"Are these users? Hits? Page views? Years? Months? Weeks?"

We always know when we're not going to get an answer from the Insider. He shuts his blinds. So, for what it's worth, here's the U.S. Family History Centers with the top Internet usage, in... ah,... items-ish per..., eh, ...month.

Mesa, AZ 7,000,000
Los Angeles, CA 4,000,000
Sacramento, CA 3,000,000
Logan, Cache, UT 2,200,000
Oakland, CA 2,100,000
Idaho Falls, ID 1,800,000
Las Vegas, NV 1,300,000
Pasadena, CA 1,200,000
San Diego, CA 1,100,000
Orange, CA 1,100,000
Pocatello, ID 630,000
Ogden, UT 280,000
St George, UT 260,000
Port Angeles, WA 220,000

If you can't see the map above, try clicking here.


  1. Apparently only the Family History Centers on the west coast and not representative of the entire country. All those hits in one month seems a tad outlandish. Is this the correct information?

    Joseph Martin

  2. Dear Joseph,

    Sorry Mid-West; the data is for the entire country.

    -- The Insider

  3. this cant be recent hits to since the FHCs no longer provide access and haven't for a couple months. Doesn't make sense either to be hits on family search since thats available at home for free. I guess I just don't get what the "hits" are.


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