Monday, January 21, 2008

New FamilySearch Schedule Update

I've updated my Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch article (but not the map) with the following changes:

Gone live: San Antonio, Sacramento, Winter Quarters.

Going live 5-Feb: Mesa, Oakland, Snowflake.

Going live 12-Feb: Boston, Detroit.

Going live 4-Mar: Costa Rica, Houston.

Received their 3 month notification: Halifax, Toronto.

Rumor has it they'll receive their notification this week: Seattle.


"You're Going Live" message

Wonder what the email looks like announcing your temple district is going live with New FamilySearch? Sometimes exactly three weeks before their go-live date, family history consultants are receiving this message:

To: Priesthood leaders, family history center directors and family
history consultants in the ___________ temple district.


Beginning [go-live date], the new process for printing temple name cards using Family Ordinance Requests will be used in the ___________ Temple. New FamilySearch will be available to the general membership of the Church who live in the ___________ temple district early in the morning on the previous [3 days before?]. No additional notice will be sent to priesthood leaders or members of the Church in the __________ temple district concerning these dates.


We ask that family history consultants and center directors encourage members who have existing TempleReady disks to take them to the temple and have their temple name cards printed before [go-live date]. Beginning immediately, please do not create any new TempleReady disks in your family history centers for processing at the ___________ temple.


If you have not done so already, please complete the new FamilySearch online training prior to [go-live date] in preparation for helping members to use new FamilySearch as part of the new process for preparing ancestral names for the temple. Please contact FamilySearch Support by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or problems.


Thank you for your support of temple and family history work.


FamilySearch Support

The latest go-live dates are all Tuesdays. Sometimes the notifications arrive on a Tuesday. Watch your In-boxes!

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