Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NFS Update: I'm OK, "Your" OK

Since Monday's update, I've learned a few more things. Snowflake is going live 5-February. (Thanks, E.) Birmingham, Alabama received notification they will go live in the next 4 months, as did Lubbock. (Thanks, C.) If Seattle got their notification as rumored, no one has mentioned it.

Here's an updated map. Green is live; yellow, announced; red, not yet; purple, under construction.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 23-Jan-2008

Notice we now have an unbroken band of states with green and yellow dots from one coast to the other: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, (sorry Miss.), Alabama and Florida.

Oklahoma has hit the rumor radar again. As the rumor goes, "your" OK district could be live as soon as March and as late as May. Given the projected pace of the rollout and the size of that window, that's a pretty safe prediction. (See Renee's article, Pace for NFS Roll-out to Quicken.)

Those betting that Las Vegas would go live 5-February received enormously disappointing news last week. Their rollout has been delayed with no word on how long the delay might last! (Thanks, F.) I didn't hear if a reason was given, but I think temple-specific delays might be caused by equipment related issues. I wonder if high growth in the Vegas area, coupled with the Temple's location far from the city center could make it difficult to get the high-speed Internet connectivity required by New FamilySearch.

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