Monday, January 28, 2008

New FamilySearch offered to all consultants

FamilySearch has announced availability of New FamilySearch accounts to any consultant that finishes a 1 hour course. Said the announcement,

FamilySearch Support is pleased to announce that they will be offering all registered Family History Consultants and Priesthood Leaders an opportunity to obtain a new FamilySearch account early. To take advantage of this opportunity we ask that you attend one 1 hour class entitled, "How Consultant's Support the new FamilySearch." After your attendance to the class you will be notified that your account is activated allowing you to register, participate in on-line training and become acquainted with the system.

There are currently 9 times scheduled for the class running from Thursday, 7-February-2008 until the Thursday prior to General Conference weekend. Classes are held on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. You can see the list of available times and register for one by clicking here.

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