Monday, May 19, 2008

NFS Update: The World Distorted

While its been a month since I've updated my rollout map, I've not been idle. Today I rollout a new map showing temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the entire world.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 17-May-2008

You'll immediately notice several changes:

  • The map is bigger, allowing coverage of the entire world.
  • The changes for the past week are blinking, showing the changed status for these temples.
  • I'M SORRY! Please don't be offended. The world is distorted! To minimize the work, I kept North America the same size as on the old map. To minimize the size, I shrunk other continents and rearranged them. In a sense, I was striving for constant temple dot density. I hate what happened to the Bering Strait. Well, all East Asia and the Philippines, actually. But compromises had to be made. I ran out of steam and my source map was icky. Apologies to Alaska, Камча́тский and Чуко́тка. Maybe some day I'll build up the gumption to fix this.

Changes since the last update:

  • On 6-May-2008 New FamilySearch (NFS) came to the final 3 temples in Australia, making Australia the first continent to complete the transition to NFS! That day South America got its 2nd temple as Brazil got its first. I think that was also the first week where NFS rolled out to 4 temples.
  • The next week, Houston and Lubbock finished off Texas. Of all completed states, Texas with its 4 takes the top spot in number of temples. California has one more temple on NFS, but is 2 shy of being complete. Also on 13-May, Porto Alegre Brazil was activated. Brazil is the only South American nation with more than one temple.
  • This week is supposed to be another 4 temple week. Columbia is the 4th temple for South America. Halifax is Canada's 2nd. The other 2 are Chicago and Manhattan.
  • I've added a release date for Birmingham (24-June-2008).
  • Columbia South Carolina and Edmonton Canada received their 3 or 4 month notifications.
  • In the rumor category, we've heard Spokane might be June. The latest rumored date for Hong Kong is "maybe December."

Let me know if you like the new map. (However, if you don't like it, don't let me know. ;-) Also let me know if I've made any mistakes regarding temple locations or status. And definitely let me know if you've received your 3 or 4 month notification or your go-live date.

As always, the latest news is always available at Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch.


  1. I like your map. It would be helpful if you could put a guide telling what the different colors mean. It would also be nice if you provided Totals of each color.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks! I should mention the colors and the count, but I get lazy because they are on my main NFS rollout article: Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch. Sorry.

    Green dots are districts using NFS. There are 45 greens.

    Yellow dots have been announced for rollout which generally occurs within 3 or 4 months. My table has 24 in the yellow category, but there are a number of reasons why this number will be wrong. I don't reliably hear about non-English announcements, I don't think Denver has ever received an announcement and Washington D.C. ought to be considered a rumor.

    Red dots are other temples. With 125 operating temples listed at, and 45+24 green and yellows, does that leave 56 reds? Remember, in reality, the number of yellows is larger and the actual number of reds will be lower!

    Purple squares indicate where future temples are in various stages of construction. lists 11, but is incomplete. I only have 8 on the map. I'll be adding others as time permits.

    Thanks again,

    -- The Ancestry Insider

  3. Woohoo! Chicago is up! I'd started adding my family history. Except it now isn't working anymore. Did I make it crash?

  4. Woohoo! Chicago is up! I'd started adding my family history. Except it now isn't working anymore. Did I make it crash?


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