Saturday, May 31, 2008

NFS Update for Memorial Day: No News Was Bad News

"Temple Tuesday" is my favorite day of the week. I look forward to hearing which new temple districts have switched to New FamilySearch (NFS). So this past week was a disappointment when I heard of no new districts coming online. I guess if we're going to give FamilySearch a holiday, Memorial Day is a fitting one. God bless our brave men and women in uniform, federal and local. And God bless the grieving families of our heroes. May Heaven's comfort rest on all who mourn. And may we do our part to remember our dead.

Sorry; it's been almost a week since Memorial Day and I didn't intend on going there. But there you have it.

Having no new districts go online was bad news, but there were plenty of announcements to offset that. Slated for release next week:
   Accra Ghana
   Curitiba Brazil
   São Paulo Brazil
   Vera Cruz México

The following week (10-June-2008) will be:
   Madrid Spain
   Nashville Tennessee
   San Jose Costa Rica

If all the rumors are right,
   Birmingham Alabama follows on 24-June-2008 and
   Newport Beach 8-July-2008. (What? No 4th of July holiday for FamilySearch installation teams?)

These districts received notification that they are about 4 months away, which puts them in September. Registered family history consultants in these districts can start using NFS. Approximate notification dates are shown.

   Columbia River Washington, 24-May-2008
   Denver Colorado (finally!), 29-May-2008
   London England, 29-May-2008
   Louisville Kentucky, 22-May-2008
   St. Paul Minnesota, 22-May-2008

That's the new news. Check the complete chart for a few others.

And Now, the Really Bad News

In the pure rumor and speculation category there was significant bad news. I received my first two reports of the rollout stretching into 2009. The independent nature of the two increases my confidence that they are true. One report concerned a temple district using non-Roman script. I don't know if the delay is because of a particular language translation or the general challenge of which I've previously spoken concerning 16-bit, non-Roman languages.

The other report concerns a temple affected by the IOUS/IOUF problem of which I've also spoken. If that rumor is true, temples in Idaho, Nevada and Utah might not see NFS until 2009!

Remember, this is only a rumor at this point. Stay tuned...


  1. Hmmm, is it still 2007 in Nevada, Utah and Idaho? Or did you mean 2009?

    Cheers -- Randy

  2. Oops. Good catch. I've fixed the sentence to read, "If that rumor is true, temples in Idaho, Nevada and Utah might not see NFS until 2009!"

    -- The Ancestry Insider


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