Thursday, December 4, 2008

NFS Rollout update: Las Vegas Temple to roll live

Las Vegas Temple, copyright 2008 IRI R.B. in Las Vegas wrote Wednesday morning to say,

While getting ready for the day today my Blackberry seemed a little busier then normal gathering the morning email.  So imagine my delight when the email below was included in my inbox.  Thank you for your blog and updates on New Family Search [NFS].


Thanks, R.B! That's exciting news! Here's the email attached to R.B.'s message.

Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 4:57 AM
To: en_LasVegasNevada
Message contains attachments:
06628_000_English_May08.pdf (200KB), 00727_000_English_FHCNSLT_Aug05.pdf (250KB)

To: Family History Consultants

This email is to notify you that in about four months, the temple district in which you live will begin using new FamilySearch as part of the process for preparing ancestral names for the temple. TempleReady will no longer be used for this process. You should be able to register in new FamilySearch immediately upon receipt of this email. The Web address for the new FamilySearch is

The attached information packet will assist you in your preparations to help members use this new process once the temple begins accepting the new Family Ordinance Request forms in lieu of TempleReady disks. You will also be receiving a hard copy of the packet by mail. Center directors will receive theirs directly from the Family and Church History Department. The copy for family history consultants will be sent to their bishop in their normal weekly priesthood mailing. An informational DVD will accompany the copy sent by mail. Copies of the rollout packet and the DVD may also be found on the Training and Resources page in the Help Center within the new FamilySearch.

Important note: You must have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the attachments. It may be downloaded for free at To install the Adobe Reader, click on the Get Adobe Reader button on the Adobe Web site home page and follow the instructions.

We will send you a follow-up email approximately two weeks before the temple goes live with this process announcing the actual date.

If you have any questions, please contact FamilySearch Support.


FamilySearch Support
U.S. and Canada : 1-866-406-1830
International: Go to for more toll-free phone numbers.

What is this, the third time you've been scheduled to go live? Will the third time be the charm? Do you think you'll go the full four months? That would be some time around early April. Or are you going to be another Montana? What did you guys get, two or three weeks? That would be some time around... well... Christmas!

New FamilySearch Classic Version 0.95

I reported last time that version 0.95 of NFS was in beta. The beta website has gone away, which typically means that 0.95 should be released very soon. FamilySearch Family Tree, meanwhile, is still on version... Hang on, let me check...

FamilySearch Family Tree is currently "Version: 0.20  Build: 11736  Time: Fri Oct 17 2008 04:48:48 PM". Everything I may or may not know about the schedule is via work. I've not heard any public comments or rumors on Family Tree's future, so I have nothing to pass on. I hate that. :-)


Was Las Vegas the only district to receive word? Come on, Idaho! Anybody up there hearing anything? You know where to find me.

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  1. FamilyTree was in beta at the same time as newFamilySearch. That beta ended about the same time as the nFS beta.

    The only things I noticed new in the nFS beta were more compatibility with Safari and Firefox and there is now a place to certify that names you are submitting comply with Church policy and are not those of Jewish Holocaust victims.

    The changes I noticed in FamilyTree Included the ability to move records from one folder to another or remove records from a folder. There was also an additional feature in the pedigree views which allows you to collapse a extension to a pedigree after expanding it. One other feature change I noticed was that in the Temple tab where it lists reserved names for the Temple they now show parents and spouses and seem to be loading somewhat sorted by families. It also seemed that it only loaded the page you were looking at, and if you want to see more of the list you needed to scroll down and wait for those names to load. I did notice a slight increase in speed in loading large record files, but it was still quite slow.


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