Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFS Rollout update: NFS Version 0.95 released

Las Vegas rolls live 27 January

Dear Ancestry Insider,

OK! Here is the deal we have been waiting for...

Las Vegas will go live 27 January! And it should not be retracted this time!

The Las Vegas Temple has been equipped with the hardware since February 2008 and they are approved to use it!

What can I say more?

NFS Classic Version 0.95

New FamilySearch (NFS) Classic Version 0.95 was released over the weekend. It contains all the features I reported from the beta product.

There was one feature not quite ready then; now we can all see it. There is a new link on the home page labeled, "Click here for free, trial, and other products for new FamilySearch." The link goes to a page for FamilySearch Certified Affiliates, which are "third-party companies and organizations that provide products and services with features that are compatible with FamilySearch programs. Certification indicates the affiliate’s declaration of compliance with FamilySearch requirements. Note that these products and services are independently developed and supported by their respective organizations, not by FamilySearch."

The page currently contains special 60-day free trial offers from two Certified PAF Add-Ins, Ancestral Quest and FamilyInsight (formerly PAF Insight). Ancestral Quest is available for $29.95 and FamilyInsight for $25.00.

The page also contains an up to date table of all certified products and services.

The official list of recent changes can be seen in its entirety on the web.

FamilySearch Family Tree

A new version of FamilySearch Family Tree has been released: 0.21. According to the FamilySearch Labs blog, version 0.21 has these additional features:

  • Easily move records out of a folder if the records don't belong to that person. Move the records to a new person folder or to an existing person's folder.
  • Combine two folders when all the records belong to the same person.
  • Expand and collapse display of family tree branches.
  • Print family group records.

According to Gary Turner,

One other feature change I noticed was that in the Temple tab where it lists reserved names for the Temple they now show parents and spouses and seem to be loading somewhat sorted by families. It also seemed that it only loaded the page you were looking at, and if you want to see more of the list you needed to scroll down and wait for those names to load. I did notice a slight increase in speed in loading large record files, but it was still quite slow.

Thanks for your feedback, Gary.

Maybe I'll track the releases and we can see if there is any pattern to the release schedule:

Version Build Time
0.20 11736 Fri Oct 17 2008 04:48:48 PM
0.21 13139 Thu Nov 20 2008 01:34:59 PM


  1. Insider--The chart you post about the affiliates is wrong on the FamilySearch page. It has us listed as access and not print. We are actually certified to do both. Obviously we print, we are a printing service--that is the focus of what we do. Hopefully the table will be updated shortly.
    Janet Hovorka. Generation Maps

  2. Janet,

    Thanks for catching that. I've removed the chart.

    The chart was a screen capture off the FamilySearch page, so I didn't bother to proof it.

    -- The A.I.


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