Thursday, November 5, 2009

News Ketchup: Today's the Day

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It’s time for a little news ketchup!

Bullet Ancestry.comToday’s the IPO

Yesterday, announced the pricing of its IPO at $13.50 per share. And today is the day that goes public! They began trading on the NASDAQ this morning under the symbol ACOM. You can read the announcement in the new Investor Relations section of the corporate website.

The Investor Relations section includes a page for your smart phone with up to the minute news and stock quotes, no doubt delayed by 20 minutes. (As I write this before the market opens, the page optimistically shows a green up arrow.) And no doubt employees will spend a record amount of time today watching the price of their stock change minute by minute and hour by hour.

To see's latest filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, click here.


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Today’s the Last Day to Vote

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite blog. You can vote more than once. Stuff the ballot box for the Ancestry Insider in category #8! Click here to vote. Click here for more information.

FamilySearch BulletToday I fixed the NFS rollout news

Today I've fixed yesterday's NFS rollout news. I miscounted the number of stakes in the Jordan River temple district. Thoughtful reader, RayDean, alerted me to the error. Good news. The rollout will likely finish a week earlier, before Thanksgiving. The corrected article is "NFS Rollout News for Election Day 2009." The corrections have also been applied to "Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch."


For a little entertainment, try e-mailing a request for an stock prospectus to the BofA Merrill Lynch e-mail address included in press release yesterday ( Yesterday about 8:00pm e-mails sent to this address were answered with an automated message that they were out of the office until 16 November!

(Sarcasm Warning!) They're probably spending their big bonuses before the government can take the money back. Your tax dollars at work. is really getting their money's worth for the $1.5 million fee they're paying Merrill Lynch. I'm sure the other underwriting banks don't mind Merrill Lynch taking a little time off during the IPO. It’s not like we’re in a risky environment, or anything. (Sarcasm warning ended.)

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