Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFS Rollout News for Election Day 2009

We are down to just one red temple district before the rollout of New FamilySearch (NFS) is complete for all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (outside the Orient). All too soon the rollout of New FamilySearch will begin to genealogists outside the Church. What is the Genealogical Maturity Level (GML) of the data in New FamilySearch (NFS)? Would you be comfortable showing off what is in there today? Does it reflect your personal Genealogical Maturity Level? Make this the day you elect to start adding high quality sources for correct information in New FamilySearch (NFS)!

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 2 Nov 2009

A lot has happened to the rollout map since the last update a few short weeks ago:

  • Mt. Timpanogos in American Fork went live on 19 October 2009!
  • Bountiful went live on 26 October 2009!
  • Draper went live earlier this week, 2 November 2009!
  • Jordan River began going live, also on Monday this week!
  • And finally, Monday also brought the announcement that Oquirrh Mountain in South Jordan will begin going live on 9 November 2009.

Those predicting that the Salt Lake Temple would be last are correct. It remains the only red dot on the map. My predictions for the rest of the red-zone rollout?

  • We already know that on 9 November 2009, Jordan River will complete, becoming temple number 123.
  • On 16 November 2009, Oquirrh Mountain will likely become temple number 124?
  • Also that day, Salt Lake will start with about 34 stakes going live?
  • Then on 23 Number 2009, the final stakes in the Salt Lake temple district will receive access?

Those are my guesses. And the red zone rollout of New FamilySearch will be over…

What will we do then? Keep you informed of the rollout to the Orient and to genealogists outside the Church, of course! Stay tuned!

When you get a go live date, let me know at . And stay tuned to the Ancestry Insider at “Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch” for the latest news!


  1. From RayDean Hill to The Ancestry Insider:

    I imagine you're already aware of this, but the Jordan River temple district will be complete on 9 November. It's now posted on the UT/ID NFS Rollout page, and I got an email from FS Support indicating all remaining JRIVE stakes are going live that date.

    The way I figure it, Salt Lake will be finished on the 23rd, so we'll all have an extra blessing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving! :)

    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Dear RayDean,

    Oops! Apparently I had not updated the count of stakes in the Jordan River temple district for some time. As a result, I had another 40+ stakes to go. I have updated the article accordingly.

    Thanks for noticing,

    -- The Ancestry Insider


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