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Hidden Gems: Fast Places to Eat Near the FHL

Postcard from Paradise

Dear readers,

Having more fun than… well… more fun than is usually legal in the state of Utah. Thank you, National Genealogical Society for coming to town! Wishing you were here. Thanks, dear friends, who have said hello at the conference.

I’ll be back to my regular schedule of blogging once NGS is over. I’ve got so much to share!

-- The Insider

Hidden Gems: Fast Places to Eat Near the FHL

Gone are the two nearby malls and their two eateries. Next time you come to the family history library (FHL) or if you’re in town for the NGS conference, here’s some ideas of places to get a fast lunch without going too far from the library.

New Food Court

The food court taking the place of the two former food courts is on the opposite side of the two blocks. You can find it on State Street, two Salt Lake blocks East of the Library or Salt Palace. (See map, below.) Six to eight places are open thus far.

Map picture

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

I’ve mentioned before the places to eat in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (JSMB). Don’t forget to pick up your 10% discount coupon from the FamilySearch Center, also in the JSMB. You can see the JSMB on the map above near the intersection of South Temple Street and Main Street. For a quick lunch, the Nauvoo Cafe, off the building’s beautiful lobby, is the place to go.

LDS Church Office Building

Experienced FHL attendees know that the cafeteria in the LDS Church Office building is available to FHL visitors. Passes to eat at the cafeteria are available at the exit desk in the FHL. But I’ve been informed that during NGS, attendees can eat there without a pass. From the FHL, cross the street and walk through Temple Square. The flowers there this time of year are another hidden gem of Salt Lake City. Walk past the temple and exit the square through the east gate. Walk towards the Church Office building, the tall white office tower. Enjoy the water features and additional flowers. Enter the Church Office building lobby through the east revolving doors and ask a hostess (or anyone else you see) how to get to the cafeteria.

Since the recession started, breakfast has been eliminated. The cafeteria opens for lunch at 11:00am and closes at 1:30pm. The entrée menu for the remainder of this week is:

Thursday Chicken Parmesan over noodles * $5.10
  BBQ Rib Sandwich * $4.50
  Sliced to Order Roast Prime Rib * $7.00
  Hawaiian Haystack Bar $0.30 / oz
Friday Gourmet Burger * $4.85
  Mediterranean Chicken * $5.50
  Pasta Bar $0.25 / oz

* All entrees served with one side - Additional sides are $ 0.75 each.

Available everyday are the salad bar, sandwich bar, grill, soups, desserts, and beverages.


I suppose JBs is not hidden and some won’t consider it a gem. But if you like breakfast like I do, you’ll want to try their all-you-can eat breakfast buffet. For lunch, I wouldn’t consider them fast. But the ham and egg on sourdough is wonderful. I like it without the tomato and mayo, but that’s just me. It has been a while since I checked, but coffee was $1.93; orange juice, $1.99; and a large orange juice, $2.99.

This is Julia Ancestor Inner-Child saying, bon appétit.

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  1. You will want to enter the east revolving doors on the south side of the Church Office Building. The cafeteria is located in the first Basement level.


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