Monday, April 12, 2010

Vault Vednesday: Last Day to Pre-register

2010 NGS Family History ConferenceThis special edition of Vault Vednesday is coming to you on Monday, 12 April 2010, to remind you that TODAY is THE LAST DAY to pre-register for the NGS Family History Conference. Next week Vault Vednesday will return to its normal day.

Friday Class Picks

With just two Wednesdays before the start of the conference (I’m so excited!), I have just enough time to give you my class picks for Friday and Saturday. Remember, these reflect my interests. Check the schedule for classes you might enjoy better.

  • I’m looking at the “BCG Skillbuilding” track, not because I am going professional, but for classes that will increase my genealogical maturity.
    • “Maximizing Your Use of Evidence,” Thomas W. Jones.
    • “Interpreting and Evaluating Name Lists,” David E. Rencher.
  • Of course, the “Research” track has my interest for the same reason.
    • “Latter-day Saint Family History Research,” Kip Sperry.
    • “Migration Out of New England,” David Curtis Dearborn.
    • “The Library of Congress: Pursuing Your Family History in the National Library,” James P. Sweany.
    • “The Science of Keeping Records,” Christopher McAfee.
    • “Tips for Field Research for Family Historians,” Kip Sperry.
  • Genealogical maturity requires proper interpretation of records. Two tracks covering records are “Records” and “Working with Records.”
    • “Tho’ They Were Poor, They May Have Been Rich in Records,” Paula Stuart-Warren.
    • “Beyond Federal Population Schedules,” Julie Miller.
    • “Survey First, Settle Later: A Discussion of the Public Lands Survey System From Its Origins in New England,” Roberta Bobbi King.
    • “Hell on the Home Front: Damages & the Claims They Generated,” Elizabeth Shown Mills.
    • “Neighborhood Reconstruction: Key to a Richer Family History,” George R. Ryskamp.
    • “Estate Records—More Than Just Wills,” Linda Woodward Geiger.
    • “Kodak Moments and Technicolor Dreams: Twentieth-century Photos in the Family Archive,” Maureen A. Taylor.
    • “Using and Evaluating County Histories and Published Genealogies,” Jan Alpert.
    • “Identifying Women: The Ultimate Brick Wall,” Barbara Vines Little.
  • As a genealogical technologists, I am also interested in the two (count them, two!) GenTech tracks.
    • “Doing Research in Real Time– An Exhilarating Collaboration Experience!” David E. Rencher and Robert Raymond.
    • “FamilySearch Research Tools for Genealogists,” Diane Loosle.
    • “Digital Photography for Genealogists,” Barry Ewell.
  • And some from the “NARA” track:
    • “Genealogical Resources at NARA's Rocky Mountain Region,” Rick Martinez.
    • “The American West – Publications of the National Archives,” Richard G. Sayre.
    • “Using Records in the National Archives: A Researcher's View,” Marie Varrelman Melchiori.


The conference begins 28 April 2010. There are just 16 days, 1 hours, 37 minutes, and 13 seconds left.

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