Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What About Current Problems? added the missing ship Etruria added the missing ship,
Etruria, to Browse of New York pass-
enger arrivals on 13 November 1893. has not totally fixed the misspelling of Throop township only partially fixed
the misspelling of Throop township.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently responded to patron concerns regarding NARA record collections posted by partners such as

NARA takes the concerns raised by researchers seriously. We are working with our partners to improve their digital products, including those produced before the partnership agreement, as problems come to our attention. Our partners want to rectify errors and are cooperating in doing so.

Patrons are urged to report specific problems with partner collections by sending e-mail to .

Already has responded to several cases. In one, added the ship Etruria, missing from Browse for New York passenger arrivals on 13 November 1893 (see illustration, top-right).

In another case, searches in the 1920 census, Throop township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania failed because Throop was misindexed as Throap. fixed the search index in a timely fashion. However, has yet to fix the spelling used in the browse menus, district descriptions, and headers above images (see illustration, bottom right).

Officials pointed out that some problems are “difficult to resolve in a seamless and timely manner.” In such situations, partners are to post advisory notices.

Next time, I’ll examine one such advisory notice.

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  1. Only 2-1/2 years after notification, fixed indexed links to images of WWI Draft Registration Cards for surnames beginning with K through Z, and established browsing links by surname letter to them, for Tioga County, Pennsylvania.


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