Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank You; I am Honored

The Ancestry Insider is one of the 40 best genealogy blogs of 2011, according to readers and Family Tree MagazineI’m so amazed that an ordinary guy like me has fallen into the position I am in, having so many of you read my blog.

Thank you, all, for your kind greetings at conferences. And thank you, all who honored me with your votes in Family Tree Magazine’s “2011 40 Best Genealogy Blogs” awards. I’m honored to report that you have chosen me as one of your five favorite technology blogs.

“On this blog,” wrote Sunny Jane Morton for Family Tree Magazine, “you'll find an insider's perspective on genealogical data giants and FamilySearch. Having been employed by both organizations, the anonymous writer generally supports what they do, but is the first to comment (in a funny way) when things could go better.”

This award is extra meaningful because it comes from you, my fellow genealogists. One of you wrote, “I don’t know what I would do if [this blog] wasn't around; it gives the best info on what is happening.”

Thank you.


For more information, see Family Tree Magazine articles “2011 Family Tree 40” and “Meet the Family Tree 40 Panel.


  1. I don't post comments very much, but I read your blog daily and find it incredibly helpful. Definitely the #1 genie blog for me. Well deserved!

  2. I've checked out a fair number of genblogs, and have bookmarked three or four that I read when I am tired, and want to browse. They are interesting and fun.

    There is only one I subscribe to, and read avidly as soon as it comes into my ebox. And then follow up on any links and info.

    And I really appreciate the brain behind this blog, sir, and the intelligent analysis, and lightly-twisted humor....

    Glad you made top five! It should have been #1.


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