Tuesday, June 14, 2011

101 Best Websites

Ancestry Insider is one of the 101 Best Websites 2011Family Tree Magazine has announced their list of the “101 Best Websites for 2011” and has chosen again to honor the Ancestry Insider. With the growing number of awesome genealogy websites, it is a growing honor. I’m humbled. With the growing demands of my day job, it is a growing challenge to find the time. I have a growing worry that I’ll fail to provide enough value to make it worth your time to follow my ramblings.

I suppose that is one reason why I’ve migrated from Family Tree Magazine’s news category into their “Tech Tools” category. I can no longer spend the time necessary for a good news blog. But technology is my forte.

“With all the updates at FamilySearch, it’s more of a must-read than ever,” wrote David A. Fryxell of the Ancestry Insider.

Some of the other winners in the tech category are Google book and newspaper archives, Internet Archive, and genealogy search engines: Mocavo, Live Roots, and Steve Morse’s One-Step. Some of the other categories include Family History Mega-Marts (websites with the largest record collections) and State-of-the-Art Archives (state archives).

See “101 Best Websites for 2011” to see all this year’s winners with Fryxell’s commentary.

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