Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Monday Mailbox: NFS and Mustaches

Dear Ancestry Insider,

Is there any truth to the rumor that we have heard the the new.familysearch site will be left online as a read only site? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Richard St Clair

Dear Richard,

I don’t know.

I hear things, but none from any authoritative source and none mentioned publicly. I’m guessing (hoping?) that it will be left online for some interim amount of time. There are things you just can’t get in Family Tree.

For example, while membership records from many Churches are available as Historical Record Collections, records for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are only available inside

(Did I just say that out loud?)

--The Insider

Dear Ancestry Insider,

[Regarding the article, “ Incremental Improvements,”]

I can't seem to recreate your first screen shot with the red arrows which gives the option to search immigration & naturalization, military, probate, etc. Can you provide steps to that screen? Thank you.

Phyllis *

Dear Phyllis,

Sorry about that. My big, thick arrows, besides looking like a big, asymmetric mustache, obscure parts of the interface.

Underneath the First Names box it says, “Restrict records by.” To the right of that are three choices: Location, Type, and Batch Number. Clicking any of these links toggles the visibility of the option. To see the record types such as Immigration & Naturalizations, click on Type. To hide them, click Type again.

By default, Country is visible. If that is causing you problems, click Location to hide it.

--The Insider

Dear readers from outside the U.S.,

Some of you might wonder what M.L.K. stands for. Today we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., a clergyman, leader, activist, and iconic American who did much to advance racial equality in the United States. He was assassinated in 1968.

--The Insider

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