Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Providing Feedback to Product Managers

Providing Feedback to has a mechanism allowing you to send feedback to the decision makers of the different features of their products.

Click “Get Help” in the upper-right corner of the website and search for “Feedback” in the online help. Select “Providing feedback about Ancestry.” This will lead you to the Feedback Form where you can specify website feature and type of feedback, whether bug report, feature suggestion, or success story.

The blog is another good place to leave feedback. When a post is made about a particular website feature, decision makers follow the comments.

For Family Tree Maker, fill out the form at

For corporate matters, the corporate website includes contact information for key departments.

Don’t try to use any of these contact points to ask for help or other assistance. For that, you still need to contact’s support people or use the online resources has posted.

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  1. I began using Ancestry in 2010 and after 4 years "completed" my tree. At that time I chose not to continue with my subscription for financial reasons. On several occasions I have renewed my subscription for short a duration. I think that the Ancestry application is terrific and I have also had my DNA analyzed. I do get regular emails with hints that I sometimes find quite intriguing but in order to pursue them I need an active subscription. I had no problem with the monthly fees while I was actively working on my family tree but now that I only need occasional access it seems like there should be an option for a long-term "maintenance" fee to continue to manage my tree and investigate new hints. This fee could be like a "perpetual" subscription that might have monthly limits for use. Since most of my tree involves countries outside of the U.S. - I need the world subscription and having to pay several hundred dollars a year for occasional access seems a bit excessive. A reasonable annual fee would likely keep users like myself much more active on an on-going basis.


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