Thursday, June 6, 2013

What’s New at Home Page Changes recently made changes to the search box on the home page. The changes make the form simpler, less powerful, and allows the page to load faster.

New home page search form on

Previously the search form, in advanced mode, allowed specification of multiple events, multiple family members, keywords, gender, race, and collection types. It allowed fine control of matching for each field. None of these are now available except the ability to specify one place and a birth year. Oh yah, you can also limit record results to US collections (similar to the FamilySearch restrict feature I mentioned last week).

Advanced search capabilities are still available on the Search page. Click “Show Advanced” in the search form or click Search on the menu.

Location of home page adsAlso on the home page, when logged in, now, always, displays an advertisement to one of its own products in a banner across the top of the page. It also displays an ad, again promoting its own stuff, inside the “What’s Happening” box part-way down the page on the left side. At times it also displays an ad at the very bottom of the right-hand column.

For more information, check out Crista Cowan’s YouTube video.

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