Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ancestry.com Releases 1921 Census of Canada

The 1921 Census of Canada is now available on Ancestry.comOn 29 October Ancestry.com added an index to their 1921 Census of Canada database. They posted the images back in August at which time they were available free of charge. With the release of the index, I was no longer able to access the images for free.

According to the Library and Archives Canada the census has 197,529 images. “This census [is] the largest source of Canadian genealogical information online.” They wrote that “almost 11,700 commissioners and enumerators recorded by hand nearly 8.8 million individuals in thousands of communities across the country.”

For more information about Canadian Censuses, see “Canada Census” in the FamilySearch wiki.

Ancestry.com alerted me to other databases released in October. The only other multi-million record database was 30 years of the Harvard Lampoon. Okay, maybe I’m misrepresenting the “U.S., School Catalogs, 1765–1935” database a little bit. “This database contains a variety of publications listing names of students, faculty, alumni, and others associated with U.S. educational institutions and associations.” But the Lampoon is among its 5,378,762 records.


  1. You can still access it for free, with or without the index, as long as you are registered and logged in.


    1. Thanks for the update. It was not working at the time I wrote the article. It is working now.


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