Thursday, November 7, 2013 Adds Printable Fan-chart, Other Features

I’ve written before about the Misbach, colorful fan-charts that can be printed for your Family Tree pedigree (below left). Now you can do the same thing from within Family Tree (below right). The Misbach 9-generation chart is slightly more utilitarian and nicer looking by using a greater number of shades of each color to highlight 16 family branches compared to FamilySearch’s 7-generation, four-branch version. But the FamilySearch chart wins for convenience. 9 generation fan chart printable fan chart

To produce the FamilySearch chart, click on the printer icon above and to the left of the chart. Or from the Person page, click on Fan Chart in the print section on the right-hand side of the page. It may take a moment or two for to create the PDF file, which can then be printed or supplied to a business that prints large charts.

Family Tree has the ability to reorder sources on the Person page. Hover over a source and arrows appear to the right of the source. Click on an arrow to move the source up or down. reorder sources

To provide feedback to FamilySearch, scroll down to the bottom of a page and click on Feedback.

The Feedback link at the bottom of the page on

Select Suggestion, Compliment, or Problem. This should not be used to report misindexed names.

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  1. You can get a Fan chart with any number of generations (from one to twelve or more) with Charting Companion (, and Charting Companion for FamilySearch ( Charting Companion can also create Descendant Fan Charts.


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