Friday, September 12, 2014

Ancestry Insider Photographed at FGS Conference

A reader caught this photo of me at the recent Federation of Genealogical Societies conference:


New readers may not be aware that I am the Wilson of genealogy bloggers. Diane Haddad, the Genealogy Insider at Family Tree Magazine, started the tradition when she published this photograph of me:

Diane Haddad was the first person to ever photograph the Ancestry Insider
Diane Haddad, “Secret Genealogy Blogger Revealed! (Partially),” Genealogy Insider: Family Tree Magazine( : 11 January 2009).

Here are some other photos of me, several with famous people:

Thomas MacEntee and the Ancestry Insider at RootsTech 2012The Ancestry Insider with Family History Expo's Holly HansenThe Ancestry Insider listening to Aaron OrrThe Ancestry Insider in the NGS 2013 media centerThe Ancestry Insider discovers a strange new world at FGS 2013The Ancestry Insider at RootsTech 2013The Ancestry Insider and fellow bloggers at's 2009 Blogger's DayChristmas photograph of the Ancestry InsiderThe Ancestry Insider Indexing History at FGS 2012Lisa Louise Cooke interviews the Ancestry InsiderThe Ancestry Insider's Holiday PicThe Ancestry Insider at the Findmypast booth at RootsTech 2013The Ancestry Insider with Capt'n Jack Starling at RootsTech 2014The Ancestry Insider at the 2009 St. George Family History Expo

There are also pictures of me on other bloggers’ websites:

DearMYRTLE's photo of the Ancestry Insider at RootsTech 2011DearMYRTLE, “AncestryInsider makes appearance at RootsTech 2011,” Dear MYRTLE ( : 13 February 2011).
imageStephen J. Danko, “The Son of Blogger,” Steve’s Genealogy Blog ( : 29 June 2009).


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