Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mailbox: Browsing Images on

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I have been enjoying, but I do have one question.  If you suspect the record you need is in a particular record collection which contains images, but it does not come up on any search, is there a way to go directly to the images and manually search them?  For example, the christening of a child is shown in

Dorset, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906

but using search there are no further records found for that child.  When viewing an image of a page, I can view some nearby pages by clicking to the left or right of the image number at the bottom of the image. But if it is not found there, is there a way to go into the whole record collection to search through all the images?  I have used your method very successfully to do this in FamilySearch.

Doris Bateman

Dear Doris,

Yes, there is. On the collection page look in the right-hand column for a box labeled “Browse this collection.” See the circled box in the screen shot, below? Click on the word “Choose…” in the dropdown control. Just as successive choices in a collection yield another level of choices, will display additional options beneath the first. Choose until you reach the group of images. In addition to the left and right arrows, you can jump straight to an image by entering the image number in place of the current image number.

---The Ancestry Insider

To browse a database on, use the Browse box to the right of the search form

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