Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Receives Economics Award

Click to see Utah Valley BusinessQ magazine's list of the area's top 50 companies.In their Fall 2016 edition, Utah Valley BusinessQ recognized the top 50 businesses in the area. They rated as the number six “economic engine” in Utah County. Economic engine rankings are based on annual revenue, number of employees, contributions to the local economy, and other factors.

Ancestry described themselves as “the world’s largest online resource for family history and consumer genetics.” They had $683 million in sales last year. They have 1,000 employees in Utah and 1,400 world-wide. They are located in Lehi, Utah in a new $35 million building. There are 75 million searches on every day.

“Hire great people from diverse backgrounds and invest in them,” Tim Sullivan advised.

Read the entire article on the Utah Valley 360 website.


  1. I find this unbelievable, as I spent a miserable year in the employ. They are by far the worst I have ever worked for, it is quite literally, an electronic sweatshop.


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