Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Mailbox: FamilySearch Sign In “Woahs”

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Ancestry Insider,

Do you happen to know if there is any reason we have to sign in every time we use FamilySearch? Is there any movement afoot to change that?

Ellen Barnett Cleary

Dear Ellen,

FamilySearch is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which holds the reins of the sign in module for The Church takes an aggressive stance on sign in security. FamilySearch previously convinced the Church to allow users to remain signed in for two weeks. However, that feature doesn’t work quite right for me; I am signed out every time I visit Is that what is happening to you? For me, selecting Sign In signs me in again without requiring password entry until the two weeks have expired.

If I recall correctly, someone asked Ron Tanner that same question at RootsTech. If I recall correctly, he said that FamilySearch would like to lengthen out how often one must sign in, but couldn’t say if it would ever happen.

---The Ancestry Insider


  1. Remove the keep me signed in for two weeks. It only frustrates those who come back later and have to sign in again.

  2. I just tell the patrons who come into our Family History Center and who complain about that problem that every programmer at Familysearch must have too low a paygrade to care whether things work or not - it happens when you develop a product that doesn't have a net profit.

    Though T above nails it on the head that that darned box ought to just be removed if it isn't going to behave properly. Though I think it is working correctly for me this month.

  3. This has been in discussion for a LONG time!


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