Thursday, March 5, 2009

NFS rollout news: Chapter 2, The Red Zone Rollout Map

A new chapter in the rollout of New FamilySearch (NFS) is starting, and it seemed to me that we needed a new rollout map. The color code remains the same.

This map shows the current state of the New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout. Green dots mark districts using NFS. Yellow dots mark districts that have been notified that the rollout will occur within the next four months. Purple dots indicate where future temples are in various stages of construction. Red dots mark temple districts without NFS. Temple names are shown next to the colored dots and largely match the city names.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 3 March 2009

I've made several changes that might be of interest.

  • There is no hover-help. Formerly, users of Internet Explorer could hover the mouse cursor over a dot to see the name of the temple. Now, the name is permanently displayed on the map.
  • At this point in time I don't plan on doing any animation.
  • The map is not to scale. I squished different portions of both Utah and Idaho. I stretched the Salt Lake Valley wider to accommodate all the temples.
  • The glass marble icons are copyrighted by Jim Evins and are used by permission.
  • A change I need to make is removing the name of West Jordan city and adding the names of the Oquirrh and Jordan River temples.

You might be interested in a few bits of trivia, also. If I'm not mistaken:

  • Did you know that no comma separates the name of the city and state/province/country in a temple name?
  • Did you know that once the Oquirrh (pronounced "Oak-er") Mountain Utah Temple is completed, the city of South Jordan will be the first and only city in the history of the Church that has two operating temples?
  • Did you know that some temples are not in the city for which they are named? I wonder which one is the farthest from its namesake? London England? Bern Switzerland?
  • Did you know that some temple names deviate from the usual practice of using a city and state/province/country? Can you name them all? Can I?
    • The Gila Valley Arizona - I'm guessing. Is there a city with this name? Or is this just a reference to the geographic location?
    • Oquirrh Mountain Utah - In South Jordan, near the namesake mountain range.
    • Columbia River Washington - In Richland, one of the "Tri-Cities."
    • Winter Quarters Nebraska - Near the namesake pioneer settlement.
    • Mount Timpanogos Utah - In American Fork, near its geographic namesake.
    • Jordan River Utah - In South Jordan, near its geographic namesake.
    • Salt Lake - The only temple without a state, province or country in its official name.
  • Poor South Jordan! Not only does South Jordan have two temples, but neither temple contains "South Jordan" in its name.


  1. Every comment you made about "West Jordan" temples should be corrected to read South Jordan. There are no temples in West Jordan.

  2. 'Gila Valley' is a reference to the general geograhic area the temple will be in. In fact, the town the temple will be in is called 'Central' and is one of as many as a half dozen smaller towns that make up the area generally.


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