Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NFS Rollout update for Texas Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Texas! It's been a long time since we heard a good rollout rumor, but this last week that has all changed. John wrote to tell me:

Emails indicate that both the Twin Falls and Rexburg Temple districts will go live in June 2009.

Another email correspondent learned in Tim Cross's St. George Expo presentation that rollout along the Wasatch Front might occur along stake boundaries rather than by temple district. (A Stake is a geographic division comprising about a dozen local congregations called wards or branches. A dozen or more stakes might be assigned to a temple district.)

He reporting having an interesting conversation with a high-ranking representative of FamilySearch.

During the conversation he stated that the Monticello [Utah] and Twin Falls [Idaho] stake presidencies had been notified that they will "shortly" be going live on New FamilySearch. I asked him if that meant 90 days and he said "sooner."

My correspondent also said that Cross said that "Wasatch Front temples will soon be getting the New FamilySearch software so that they can process New FamilySearch submissions." That would have been nice for the lady from California that I helped recently. All she brought to Utah was an FOR, assuming that whatever they had in California would certainly be available in Utah. With just an hour or two before the FHL closed, I warned her that if she didn't get to the library ASAP, the closest place she could have temple cards printed was (at that time) Denver.

Shanna Jones also went to the Expo. She heard the official word that the release to Utah would be sooner than it was at last year's expo. She also backs up previous reports that Family Tree was going to replace the classic New FamilySearch user interface. As previously reported here, look for added features the week of 17 March 2009.

You have to discount the rumor from W. David Samuelsen, who wouldn't believe Jones report about Family Tree. Samuelsen's logic: "We are told to train the others in the nFS, not FamilyTree in preparation for release in Utah, expected date is August 2009." His other logical argument is that because Family Tree doesn't have all the features of NFS today, it can't replace it in August, after two cycles of additions to Family Tree.

Stakes in the rumored temple districts are:

Monticello Utah Temple - 7 stakes

  • Blanding Utah - 2 stakes
  • Durango Colorado
  • Grand Junction Colorado - 2 stakes
  • Moab Utah
  • Monticello Utah

Rexburg Idaho Temple - 19 stakes

  • Ashton Idaho
  • BYU-Idaho - 9 student stakes
  • Driggs Idaho
  • Rexburg Idaho - 6 stakes
  • St Anthony Idaho
  • Sugar City Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho Temple - 15 stakes

  • Burley Idaho - 2 stakes
  • Carey Idaho
  • Declo Idaho
  • Filer Idaho
  • Jerome Idaho
  • Kimberly Idaho
  • Oakley Idaho
  • Paul Idaho
  • Rupert Idaho - 2 stakes
  • Twin Falls Idaho - 3 stakes
  • Wendell Idaho

The other extended-Wasatch Front temples have the following numbers of stakes.

  • Vernal Utah Temple - 12 stakes
  • Manti Utah Temple - 26 stakes
  • Boise Idaho Temple - 29 stakes
  • Logan Utah Temple - 43 stakes
  • St. George Utah Temple - 44 stakes
  • Idaho Falls Idaho Temple - 45 stakes

Contrast that with the Wasatch Front temples:

  • Bountiful Utah Temple - 32 stakes
  • Timpanogos (American Fork) Utah Temple - 61 stakes
  • Salt Lake Temple - 70 stakes and 1 district
  • Provo Utah Temple - 74 stakes
  • Ogden Utah Temple - 76 stakes
  • Jordan River (South Jordan) Utah Temple - 112 stakes

So, whose going first? Let me know here so we can share your excitement. AncestryInsider@gmail.com

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