Thursday, November 10, 2011 and Tree Growers

We’re in a happy place right now, I think. Mind you, we haven’t always been here. Why are we in our happy place at the moment?

For those of us who are still hoping to learn about an ancestor
Search for ancestors without using names
Two articles from’s November Newsletter
Last time I introduced the concept of tree decorators and tree growers. Two items in’s November 2011 monthly newsletter point out the needs of tree growers. (I’d point you to an online copy of the newsletter, but it doesn’t appear that Ancestry supports that.)

The first article began, “Ever try to find a birth record? It’s usually a pretty straight-forward process, provided you already know most of the information that you’re going to find on that birth record. But for those of us who are still hoping to learn those details, getting that birth record can be a little bit trickier.”

The second article began, “Search for hard-to-find ancestors without using names. Instead, use birthdates, places and other details, then review results carefully. You could discover your ancestor — maybe the whole family — was recorded with a misspelled moniker.”

Good job, Ancestry!


  1. "...maybe the whole family — was recorded with a misspelled moniker"
    Maybe they were McDonalds who Ancestry insist on naming Mc Donalds.

  2. I enjoy my membership and recently reported incorrectly indexed names on a census. So far nothing has been done to change the name of this family (my husband's great grandparents' family noted in the 1880 Census as "Donovans" instead of "Donohoe.") As you noted we too are victims of a misspelled moniker!


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