Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Look for FamilySearch Labs

imageLast week I had two people alert me to the facelift on labs.familysearch.org. Some old projects are gone. One new one called “Fresh” is present but (as of the day I wrote this) was not operable. It says “This project represents the new face of FamilySearch for people who have never participated in their family history before. We'll have more information and stuff to play with here in a few days.”

Another new project is “Ohio Research Assistance.” This is described thusly: “We are experimenting with how to best provide research help to our users throughout the world. Our first phase is to provide research assistance to those needing help finding their ancestors in records involving the State of Ohio.” For more information, the article contained a temporary link (https://stage.familysearch.org/community/ask/labs/get_help.html) when I wrote this article.

Labs still lists the Research Wiki and Forums. Have I wrongly considered these two features to be beyond the “labs” stage?

Regarding Submit Your Tree, the website says it is an easy way to upload a GEDCOM and compare it to the millions of records in the new.familysearch.org tree (NFS). The program identifies which people are already in NFS and which ones are not.

English Jurisdictions 1851, Standard Finder, and Community Trees are still listed.

Check it out. By the time you read this, maybe the “Fresh” project will be available.


  1. I've been wondering if the "Fresh" project is the same thing as http://www.kinfolio.com/

  2. I can't find the page I loved using.


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