Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dennis Brimhall and Jay Verkler, A RootsTech Interview

Dennis Brimhall and Jay Verkler at RootsTech 2012

At RootsTech I had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with FamilySearch outgoing CEO, Jay Verkler, and with incoming CEO, Dennis Brimhall. I asked each the same set of questions.

There’s a reason the interviews I did at RootsTech are only now being published. May I say that transcribing long interviews is excruciating. But I think it was well worth it. The similarities and differences in their responses make interesting reading. Their responses to my challenges to index and contribute to the Wiki were… well, I’ll let you discover for yourselves.

I’ll present the interview, a couple of questions at a time, throughout the week.

Monday Dennis and Jay introduce themselves. “Are you sure you’ve got the right person?” “Horse thieves.” “I love speed.”

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